We’re sinking in the sand

How could that happen – how could that happen again? Were the fuck was I looking, when all this fodder came in, they built an army – to come and find me, beyond of reason, beyond of logic, making it my moment. It’s come to find me, with ten thousand women, pilots flying, kamikaze, half-brained monkeys…

Bombardiers above napalm the bloody soil – space here we come. They pulverize, and we stand alone, irked with the uncomplexity of life, even though we feel love, love for the ones who fell, who were thrown to the sinking sands and pitfalls, to the caves and gapes in the earth. The axis is turning, on suffering, while my headache burns like the sun.

The winter in the settlement fails to provide food for the thousands who got here, who stand still patiently waiting for their deaths. But it’s all about to change. The horses in my dreams are all heading northeast, to the place where peace lies. I have to warn them, warn us, the people and their armed counterparts. It begins – the exodus, the massive migration towards the promised land, where our faces will no longer resemble dying roses, where we shall be nothing but everything… Our sentience lingers in the weary whispers we adress to each other, careless breaths hampering our verbal delivery. The time has come, the shift is here – saturns heeds the warning, getting close to the egoic aspirations of the sun, the caduceus in the king’s frail hand burns with expectancy, a gargantuan fissure opens some scanty miles away from where we’re standing.

It begins.

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